Wrigley (subsidiary of Mars incorporated) –
Complete Warehouse Upgrade

Plymouth, Devon

Works: New APR, mesh decks, ACM, special sloping rack, phasing, integration of sprinkler system, dynamics service, hire of temporary shelving, buy back.

Contract dates: Various works in 2013

Pallet racking Plymouth
warehouse racking re-design for Wrigleys in Plymouth, Devon

After detailed consultation and design work, Wrigley’s appointed Connect Storage Systems to carry out their whole warehouse upgrade. This allowed Wrigley’s to not only comply with the latest regulations and Sema requirements but also improve their storage capacity and productivity.

Connect Storage Systems devised a sophisticated schedule of works to allow Wrigley’s to remain operational whilst works were taking place and the project was also phased to allow the integration of a sprinkler system throughout the scheme.

New pallet racking, wire mesh decks, anti-collapse mesh and a whole new layout with upgraded bay configurations was installed to Wrigley’s very high standards.

To also help deliver a successful project Connect Storage Systems supplied temporary shelving on a hire basis, serviced existing dynamics systems and even offered a buy back for Wrigley’s replaced racking materials.

CSS are proud to have worked alongside Wrigley having provided them with a detailed complete warehouse upgrade meeting all their expectations and deadlines. We have since worked with Wrigley’s on multiple new projects.

Connect Storage Systems

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Customer Feedback

“Connect Storage Systems provided us with a pallet racking solution and mezzanine floors for our warehouse and the service was fantastic. Highly recommended!”

Mr C Griffiths