Wilton Carpets – Warehouse Storage Solution

Wilton, Wiltshire

Works: Mezzanine Floor, Carpet Racking, Racking Inspection

Contract dates: 3 weeks

Warehouse storage solution with mezzanine floor Wilton, Wiltshire
Mezzanine Floor for inductrial carpet racking at Wilton Carpets, Wiltshire

Wilton Carpets have had a long standing working relationship with Connect Storage Systems, hence when it was time for the Warehouse Storage Capacity to be reviewed CSS were called in to provide their services and expertise.

The criteria was to maximise the available warehouse space for storage of 6m long rolls of Carpet in the newly acquired “ next door” Storage Unit. Due to the awkwardness of the Building a “Drive – Through” Tunnel was incorporated into the Carpet Rack.

This enabled the Carpets to be transported by Fork Lift Boom to the rear of the Warehouse thus enabling a further area to be Racked out to increase the capacity further. Every millimetre was critical to this design as can be seen from the photograph above.

A Mezzanine Floor was installed in Wilton Carpets current Warehouse to create a new Cutting area. The Column Grid had to be designed to enable 6m Carpets to pass safely under the Mezzanine Floor. Column Protectors were installed to protect the exposed Mezzanine Legs.

CSS are proud to have worked alongside The Wilton Carpet Factory and provided them with a detailed complete warehouse storage system meeting all their expectations and deadlines.

Connect Storage Systems

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Customer Feedback

“Connect Storage Systems provided us with a pallet racking solution and mezzanine floors for our warehouse and the service was fantastic. Highly recommended!”

Mr C Griffiths